I am here

I am here and would like to share that I finally passed the license exam for social work. I am very happy about that on top of that I got a new job that I start on Monday. I don’t want to write right now just wanted to update.




On Thursday February 3rd went on a interview. The job is to be a social worker for people with traumatic injuries that want to remain home and as independent as possible. My role would be to assess and determine with the client what goals may be attainable. I really hope that I get the job. The Job is right up my ally. The company is checking my background and I think that is a good sign. If they were not interested they would not do that. Lately too I have been studying for the social work license exam, but I am ashamed to say; not as hard as I should be.  Today so far I’ve been on the computer and have done nothing else. I do plan do some constructive things like clean the apartment and then of course study, but only time will tell if I do that. I must though and should take things more seriously. I am not sure what is wrong with me and keeping me from doing the things I am suppose to do. I’ve become really careless and not disciplined and that is not good. However, writing this keeps things in perspective. The writing helps makes the things I am suppose to do seem very important and a must do.  Well in keeping with what I am suppose to do I will stop writing for now.

New Beginnings

On Monday I start a new job near my apartment. I am not looking forward to it because I have been off for sometime and got use to not doing much. On the other hand, I do need the money and can use being occupied doing something else besides being in front the computer. I am doing some things right lately for example, I saw my ex lover and I was able to dismiss his attempts to get affection from me. I did it and it felt good to not give in to him. You see he is still with the 29 year old woman and I can’t get over that not matter how much I try. I. It still hurts. I still cry practically every morning over that. During the crying spells I decided that I will not engage in another relationship for a while. I figure I will do that to help me heal and forget him completely. I don’t think that will happen quickly, but it will in time. For now I just plan to focus on my new job and study for the license exam that is coming up in September. I have not studied and I must soon. Lately I have been focusing too on my weight. I need to loose some weight and have lost a few pounds I still have a long way to go and I am working on it.  Finally, today Saturday July 31, 2010 I started my day well. I had breakfast with an old friend and it was great. Now I plan to putter around the apartment for most of the day. I have no plans to go out today. Tomorrow I will start deciding what I will wear for the first day of work. I am hoping that these new beginnings will turn out to be the best time of my life.