Strung Out


Edward Hopper

I am still strung out on him. I miss him dearly it’s been seven months now that we are no longer together. I miss touching him and kissing his lips. In fact I miss kissing him all over. I know that it’s over and that it will never be the way it was. Even if we meet again it will never be the way it was. I think about that and I get angry and sad. However, I’ve decided that because I suffered so much with longing for him that for a very long time I will not get involved with anyone else. I want to do that because I need to forget him completely before I can let someone else in. I need to heal and truly forget him. I still think of him and wish that were together again, yet I know and hate to accept that its not happening not now and not ever. For now I will savor my memories of him for he can’t take the love away that I feel for him.