The Letter That I Will Never Send


The letter that I will never send

I will never forget my many taxi cab rides to your apartment. Usually when I took those rides I was filled with excitement and could not wait to see you. It will also be difficult to forget because I use to think of your home as my refuge from the world. I felt so comfortable there and never want to leave when I am there. Your company meant a lot to me. I tried this weekend to accept your decision not see me anymore. I have even put words in your mouth so I can convince myself that you truly mean it. It’s going to take sometime to get use to not seeing you.  Now I have to keep very busy in order to block out my intense desire to see you again. I have spoken to you in the interim of me feeling lousy and you sound good and determined to keep your decision of separating from me. Anyway I will end this letter for now and will soon write you again. Remember that I will never forget you and the times we spent together.