Willing to Drop the Towel


Only willing to drop the towel if you show me kindness and understanding. Need I say more? In other words I’ll give you my pussy if you treat me right. No more to say because it’s pretty clear what I am feeling and thinking.


Emotional Obstacles


I cannot bring myself to fuck anyone because I have all these emotions in the way. I don’t want to give my body to just anybody, so I’ve created an emotional obstacle that people interested in me need to overcome. Not that there is a flock of people knocking on my door. That’s another story. I’ve been horny for sometime now, but I cannot bring myself to do it with anyone. So I am resorting to about three times per week playing with myself with my trusty shower head and by the way it ooh feels so good, but nothing can match being with another human. Emotional obstacles have caused me to be isolated and lonely at times, but I will not let that comprise my standards for fucking with anyone. In the meantime, I will live with these emotions and work through them before I let anyone lay in my bed. I don’t want emotional obstacles to get in the way of fucking or may be even love making. It’s a healthy way of thinking so kudos to me for feeling this way. For anyone reading this I ask should I just let my horniness over come me or should I work through my emotions until my obstacles are gone and I am free to let someone in?