I’ve Done it Again



I’ve done it again because I love him. I held on and now it blew up in my face again. I try to let go, but have been unsuccessful thus far. What I am trying to say is that he met someone new.  He met her about 6 years ago, but now they are dating. He stated he likes her, but does not know if they will have a serious relationship. Once he told me that information I’ve removed myself. I did not tell him that I will not see him, but that’s what I’ve decided. I will not play the other one and subject myself to pain. The one thing I can say that I will do is stay away and because I’ve made the decision to that now I wake up since I found out the news in anguish. I cry like a baby for him because I miss him so much. Yeah it’s the same guy that I keep writing about. I have not tired of him and have not let him go as much as he pleads for that. I have to respect his wishes and will let go of how I feel for him eventually, but in the meantime I will cry and kick and screaming saying no this can’t happen once again. Why wont’ I learn my lesson and realized that he does not care for me in a romantic way? Finally, I would like to say that I am trying to let go and will eventually it’s just that it takes time. To me this feel like something has died and like I said before because of that feeling I wake up daily in the mornings in anguish. For those of you who read my blog please root for me and tell me I have to let go, but in the mean time I will love him from a distance. Song below kinda says how I feel. 


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