I can’t culminate


Culminate ~ To reach the highest point or degree; climax. I get excited, yet I can’t culminate. The man I love takes me there all the time. He takes me to height of  excitement to the point where I can bare it any longer, yet I can’t culminate. He is fierce in his love making and I do love it, but I can’t culminate. During the act of love making unfortunately I can’t take my mind off of things. It’s the of the stupidest things that I think about. I know that does not allow me to culminate. I also think the problem is after I see him since I don’t culminate when I get home I take care of myself with the trusty water facet in the bathtub. I plan not to that anymore because I don’t want my man to continue competing with a water faucet. Once I do that the next time I have sex with him surely I will culminate.Surely I will culminate with him soon and I can’t wait for that moment of sheer delight. Ah I know it’s going to feel real, real good.