He Broke My Heart For Christmas


Weekly we love dance, but this day he choose not to love dance instead he choose to be in the country with another woman. He Broke my heart for Christmas by doing that. When I rose today I cried like a child that could not be consoled. Now I am numb and wonder where I went wrong?




As I smoke my daily dose of cigarettes I wonder where will I be in a couple of months. Currently working as a therapist. My boss said I am not keeping up with the numbers. You see it’s all about productivity and not the quality of the therapy. I trying to keep up with the numbers, but I forget and just focus on therapy. I am starting not to feel comfortable at work. I need the occasional pat on the shoulder and it’ does not look like it’s coming anytime soon. I’ve started to apply for other jobs, yet I keep decorating my office like I am staying for the remainder. My point is that I feel almost terrified about what could happen in the next few months like getting fired once again. I am scared about that, but then again I welcome it because I am starting to become unhappy where I work because it’s all about the the numbers.