Loosing Ground

I feel like I am loosing ground because I can’t find a job, feel lost, and lonely. I am trying really hard to change all that, but it’s been so difficult. For one I thought that by getting my license for social work would mean that I would find employers knocking on my door, but it has not been that way. I can’t find a job. I have prospects but they are not happening fast enough for me. As for two feeling lost I guess it has a lot to do with number one. I feel like I don’t have my feet on the ground and that I am just flying all over the place. I feel aimless. For number three I’ve been feeling lonely for a long time. I live alone and at night it really kicks my ass to be alone. The loneliness also kicks in the morning when I wake up to my reality. I start crying like a baby most days and it’s so hard to snap out of it. I know that if someone were around I would not feel the pain I feel so deeply. Well I must say that as long as I am trying I will be alright. May be by saying I am loosing ground could be too much. I should may be say I am unsteady instead.