Still in Love

Still in love with the man I can’t have. Will up date this post during the weekend. Yes I am still in love with him. I miss him dearly. Still have contact with him and that just keeps the love alive. I am also very horny for him although, he is willing, but I can’t act out. He still has the 29 year old girlfriend and should be satisfied with her right? I wonder why he wants to get it on with me still. Makes me think he has feelings for me. I don’t want to kid myself though. May be he is just being a pig. I don’t know. In the meanwhile I will be trying to forget him. Life in overall besides this feelings has been good. I have some discipline these days and will forgo not seeing him. I want him to leave the girlfriend and may be then I will consider. I know I should not cause he left me for her, but like I said I still love him. In the meantime I will leave it at that.